I am (a new) Canadian Campaign

The I AM (A NEW) CANADIAN campaign features the inspiring stories of immigrants who have overcome barriers and found success in Canada.

Every year since 1952, COSTI has helped more than 39,000 new Canadians through education, employment and social services. This campaign tells the stories of four individuals who are achieving personal success.

Mario Calla, Executive Director, says the campaign is unlike anything COSTI has done before. “This campaign shows how the success of every individual builds a strong and prosperous Canada,” he says. “The portraits of each individual are stunning because they have been painted by a talented artist who immigrated to Canada in 1987 from Tanzania. His passion shows through in every stroke and the stories are so uplifting.”

About the Artist - Hans Poppe

Hans Poppe is a contemporary artist whose practice includes design, painting, illustration and printmaking. He has enjoyed a successful career working in the graphic design and advertising industry, graduating from Humber College in 2002 with honours, before returning to studies at the Toronto School of Art to focus on painting in 2008. His latest paintings, combining traditional art mediums with African culture, are inspired by his Tanzanian heritage and fascination with the untold stories of day-to-day African life.

Hans currently works for the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee as their sole designer, when he’s not working or painting, Hans also mentors at risk youth, working with The Remix Project. This work pairs young artists with mentors and provides Hans another channel to engage with the community through art and design.

In his own words
By Hans Poppe

“I was eight years old when my family moved to Canada seeking political asylum. I learned how to speak English watching the TV show ‘Cheers’ and from having to speak English at school. We were always raised to be proud of our heritage and culture. We spoke Swahili at home and ate our traditional foods. As a child, I loved learning about our new country and although we faced some racism ... I also remember how encouraging, generous and loving people were to our family.

My siblings and I were always brought up to be grateful for this country and to make sure we use all our opportunities, resources and education to the best of our abilities. I proudly identify as Canadian. I know what makes this nation an amazing country.”

Learn more about Hans on his website https://www.hanspoppe.com/