Grace's Story

Grace Sang came to Canada from China in 1999 and knows the value immigrants bring. She is the Managing Director for CIeNET Technologies, a leading global technology service provider of technical consulting and software engineering solutions.

“CIeNET, like many other global companies operating in Canada, relies on immigrants and their diverse work experience and talents to grow our business,” says Grace. “So far, we have hired over 40 employees working at our Canadian branch, most of them are newcomers.”

Grace knows that many newcomers feel alone and isolated when they first arrive. They have difficulty communicating in English, understanding Canadian workplace culture and terminology, values and customs. “We want our employees to feel comfortable in their work environment and speak with confidence, both inside and outside of the workplace. That’s where COSTI was able to help us.”

Grace says COSTI’s Language Training at the Workplace Program allowed CleNET to provide its employees with customized job-specific English language training on-site and helped them tap into international talent through their employment services at no cost. “Everyone who arrives here is eager to help and contribute to building a better nation. Our employees, just like other newcomers, work hard and want to give back as a way of saying thank you to Canada for believing in them and for giving them the opportunity for a better future.”

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