Othello's Story

I just celebrated my first year last month and the experience of being a new 'Canadian' is enjoyable and challenging at the same time. But I don't think and dwell much on the struggles, as I believe that it is just part of the journey and that it happens for a reason. This makes my faith stronger, believe in myself more and trust people.

I network, volunteer and participate in community programs. I signed up with COSTI right after I landed and was referred by them to the company where I am working now. It took three months before I got a job and felt lucky for it. I was already about to go back to school but got the job offer before I was about to enrol.

I am thankful to the people that I have met, helped and joined me in my journey. I am looking forward to more experiences and challenges that I will face in the coming years. I have strong faith that I can get over it also, just like my first year. I have no regrets in migrating and would advise young immigrant professionals to not lose hope and just enjoy the ride :) it will be easier to adapt if one accepts and embraces Canada as their new home.